Subcon 2023: Empowering Micro and Small-Scale Engineering Units for Business Success


In a bid to empower micro and small-scale engineering units and provide them with new business opportunities, Subcon 2023 is set to take place in Coimbatore from May 10 to 12.

This three-day fair, organized by the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (Codissia) at the CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, aims to bring together exhibitors from various industries, including public sector undertakings and private large-scale companies.

With a focus on creating an ecosystem for the electric vehicle (EV) sector and exploring opportunities in aerospace, Subcon 2023 promises to be a platform for growth and innovation.

Fostering Business Opportunities for Micro and Small-Scale Units

Chairman of the event, J. Sanjeevi Kumar, emphasizes the goal of Subcon 2023 to facilitate business growth for even the smallest engineering units equipped with just one lathe or drilling machine.

By connecting these units with manufacturers and providing exposure to potential clients, the fair aims to enhance their prospects and contribute to the overall development of the industry.

Exhibitors and Industry Participation

Subcon 2023 boasts a lineup of 214 exhibitors, including 15 public sector undertakings and several private large-scale companies.

These industry players will showcase the components they are seeking manufacturers for, creating an opportunity for interested businesses to establish lucrative partnerships.

Notably, public sector undertakings are actively seeking new vendors, indicating a strong demand for collaboration within the industry.

A Focus on Sustaining and Expanding MSMEs

V. Thirugnanam, President of Codissia, highlights that the eighth edition of Subcon aims to provide sustenance to existing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Coimbatore while offering new opportunities in sectors such as aerospace and electric vehicles (EVs).

As EVs emerge as a prominent sector, Codissia is actively working with other industrial associations to create an ecosystem conducive to EV manufacturing.

This collaborative effort involves policy advocacy to ensure adequate support for MSMEs venturing into the EV space.

Exploring the Electric Vehicle Sector

P. Ponram, Assistant Joint Secretary of Codissia, reveals that around 150 MSMEs have shown interest in forming an EV cluster in Coimbatore.

Codissia is actively pursuing the development of motors for EVs, aiming to meet international standards by partnering with companies from the United States, Israel, and Europe.

As part of their long-term plans, an exhibition dedicated to the EV sector is scheduled for August in Coimbatore.

Additionally, a Centre of Excellence for the EV sector is expected to be established within six months, offering opportunities for the development of all components required for electric vehicles.


Subcon 2023 stands as a testament to Coimbatore’s commitment to supporting micro and small-scale engineering units.

By providing a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and explore new opportunities in sectors like aerospace and electric vehicles, the fair contributes to the growth and development of the industry.

As MSMEs embrace innovation and work towards meeting international standards, Coimbatore is poised to become a hub for cutting-edge technologies and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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